Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kai Myers


Special Topics: Women's Studies

Professor Soyoung Park

Paris is Burning: Film Response

      I can honestly say that this documentary intrigued me. I had no idea the drag queen community (specifically of New York City but more than likely elsewhere, as well) had such an extensive form of operations. It was interesting to see how they had a sense of community, much like any other culture. There are subcategories within the overall community, more commonly referred to as "houses". 
      I think the word "houses" is wonderfully and aptly applied. Many gender deviants are shunned from their original homes due to their nonconformity, and it is usually a house within the drag queen community that takes them in as their own. Not only is the idea of houses an efficient way to organize, but it is also a way to give gender queers something to identify with. In other words, a house is a place where they can express themselves without concern and have a sense of personal stability.
      It was also really neat to learn about the "Ball" and how it equates to gender deviants (who win) to being a super model or someone famous. It is the counteraction toward society's neglect to recognize them due to their differences.
    All in all, I learned a ton, and I would definitely re-watch this as well as recommend this film to others.

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