Monday, November 11, 2013

Response to People Like Us: PBS Special

         This video reaffirmed my belief that the economic classes of today's society are founded on a foundation of money and controlled by those with superiority complexes. "My family was rich, we got the money after they died". This quote is typical to hear from the working class, those who envy the more well off. Ultimately, America is divided by class, whether we as a nation believe it or not. And pathetically enough, those who have the most power are focused on things that honestly do not even matter. More wealthier citizens do not fear making payments or being able to afford a roof over their heads- rather, they are scared of criticism from their peers. This fear of criticism developed in high school and continued well into their- the upper class people's- adult lives. 
        Finally, I found the entire segment about food informative yet disturbing. Realistically, food that is better for you is more expensive because of the type of ingredients that go into said food. The comparison being between the organic sourdough loaf and the 99-cent white bread. Obviously, the white bread is cheaper because it is essentially water and starch. It makes me wonder if there is a more effective way of making people eat healthier but not to give them the impression that what they eat makes them less of a person?
      In sum, the economic divide between classes is astounding and far more apparent than we like to believe.

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